Great Lakes Real Estate annouces the release of  An automated online scheduling and feedback system for real estate professionals.  This service is free to our agents and customers.  This system allows our agents to request feedback on showings of their listings automatically and further allows the sellers full access to the results of the feedback requests by simply going to their computer and logging into the system with a password provided by their Great Lakes agent.  When a request for a showing is received, all parties get an email notification that a showing has been requested.  Once confirmed, another email is sent to all the parties involved "including the sellers".  After the showing a questionnaire is sent to the showing agent with a short list of question regarding their showing.  When the questionnaire is submitted the listing agent and the sellers get an email notification that feedback has been received.  The listing agent and the "sellers" can now log in and view the results of the showing.  In addition, the feedback system sends weekly reports to the sellers and the listing agent!

Here is the best part.  Lets say you and your sellers decide to change the price.  It sure would be nice if you could notify every agent who showed your listing. No problem!  With the click of a button the listing agent can send an email to every showing agent notifying them of the change in price! 

Now wouldn't you want to have your home listed with an agent who has these capabilities?




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